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10 Awesome Free Resources For Kids to Learn French

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Language Learning Tips

Teaching your little one a second language isn’t always the easiest task, especially if you don’t have the right resources! Of course, the One Third Stories subscription makes learning French far easier, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few more methods of teaching, right? That’s exactly why we’ve compiled this list of great free French language learning resources that compliment our story books and activities perfectly! Check them out and find the one’s that are right for your bilingual youngster.

1) Duolingo

This free app has become super popular over the past few years, and is great for both adults and kids! Why not sit down with your little one and learn French together? The app uses simple yet effective techniques to make language learning easy, and it even tracks your weaker areas so you can go back over the words, phrases, or grammar you’re not as confident with. Little ones will also love the cute graphics and game-like style, making it fun to learn French! 

2) Pinterest

When it comes to free resources to learn French, Pinterest is an absolute gold mine. It’s full to the brim with printable worksheets, and you can even find great quality posters and flash cards. Unfortunately, not all the resources are free, but a whole bunch of them are, so get searching! All you have to do is type ‘French kids printables’ into the site’s search bar and you’ll find a ton of results. 

3) The Fable Cottage

For youngsters who love a good story, check out The Fable Cottage. It’s a great little website that has free French stories for kids, read aloud by a native speaker who speaks at a pretty slow pace to make things easier for language learning newbies! There’s also a French transcript below the recording which can be translated into English, so your child can read along with the story. Pretty cool, right? 

4) Comptines et Chansons des Tintounis

Head over to this YouTube playlist for a collection of super cute children’s nursery rhymes and help your little one learn French through the power of music! They’re great to put on in the background or to sit down in front of and sing along to. For small children aged around 0-2, these are a perfect language learning resource!

5) BBC Languages

The French BBC Languages page is amazing for learning French and super simple to get around, so you can leave your child to explore the site on their own or sit with them and enjoy the fun activities together. There are games, French radio, news, and plenty more to make language learning much easier.

6) Conjuguemos

For those kids who are a little more advanced and need a step up from simple games and nursery rhymes, check out Conjuguemos. It’s awesome for getting the hang of trickier grammar, learning new vocabulary, and even gives explanations for any mistakes your child might make. Plus, it has a ton of games so learning is still fun!

7) French Baby Flashcards

Help your child start learning French vocabulary easily with these super cute flashcards, all available on one little app! With different categories and French pronunciation, it’s a great way to get kids started and a helpful addition to our One Third Stories language learning books – both make language learning simple and fun, and you don’t need to know French to teach your child! 

8) Bonjour Les Amis

Help your child learn French in a step-by-step order with Bonjour Les Amis. With characters, bright colours, and plenty of fun games, it’s the perfect website to keep your little one engaged, and group activities also promote teamwork. With simple instructions, you child won’t need too much help and can enjoy the independence of learning at their own pace. 

9) Learn French Help

For kids of all levels, take a look at Learn French Help. There are lots of different courses, with everything from grammar to nouns covered, as well as links to French radio and media. There’s also tons of information on French culture and what it’s like to live in France, which is great to help inspire your little one and give some context to the language they’re learning!  

10) One third stories

If you didn’t already know, we create unique stories that start in English and end in French by gradually introducing words that build into phrases as the story progresses. We deliver them as part of a box, jam-packed with fun educational activities.

We’re just a small business so we can’t give them out for free, but we have made your first box 50% off with the with the code LEARNFRENCH.  

With all those language resources, alongside One Third Stories books, your little one will be speaking fluent French in no time! Our Clockwork Methodology and fun-focused activities make language learning fun and simple, whilst these games and tests are a great way to track your child’s progress. Get started today and watch your child’s language skills flourish! 

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