10 Awesome Free Resources For Kids To Learn German

10 Awesome Free Resources For Kids to learn German

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Language Learning Tips, One Third Language

Despite not being as popular as French or Spanish, there are plenty of fantastic reasons to encourage children to learn German (here are 10 from The Goethe-Institut). It is the most spoken language in Europe, an extremely attractive skill to employers and Germany is a beautiful country to see!

Beautiful German town

My name is Angelika Davey and I’m a German national living in the UK. I’ve been teaching German for about 25 years, my own children were raised bilingual, and I still work with children and adults to help them learn the language. I’m fully aware that as parents we want to help our children to learn, but with languages (and German in particular) it can be quite daunting. Below I’ve compiled a list of free resources that will help your children learn German.

10 awesome free resources to help your child learn German 

1. Mama Lisa has a big selection of German children’s songs with videos, the tunes & lyrics. All of the resources are listed alphabetically and it is a great place to start to learn German. Given the letter ‘A’ has almost 20 songs, you can tell they have lots on there!

2. Detlef Cordes has a a great mix of traditional and original songs in German and English. Although it’s a German website, you can use your browser’s translate function to navigate it without any problems.

The following song has sent many a child into heaps of laughter… It is about how much a little ‘bottom burp’ can smell. Jokes aside, this is exactly the kind of thing that can work really well to help children start repeating German words and be more interested in the language.

3. One Third Stories has a free audiobook of Jack and the Beanstalk, which gradually introduces German words into easy to understand contexts using their Clockwork Methodology.

4.  Hello World has over 600 online activities & games, which can come in handy if you are short on fun things to do!

5. Duden is the German equivalent to the Oxford dictionary and has a free downloadable PDF mini picture dictionary for children. If you need pronunciation help, type the individual words into google translate and click on the listening icon.

6. Das WillkommensABC is a lovely downloadable dictionary that you can also have on your phone if you need it on the go.

7. Amira is a great website that has games, audiobooks and some lovely German children’s stories. They look really good too so do check them out.

Assortment of stories

8. Children’s Books Forever has even more stories to read!

9. BookBox has lots of German stories that you can also watch on YouTube.

10. Peppa Pig! As soon as I heard Peppa Pig’s infectious laugh I was hooked. If your child is a fan they will watch it, even if they don’t understand what is being said! Here is my YouTube playlist with lots of German Peppa Pig programmes. Alternatively, find your child’s favourite programme on YouTube and add the word ‘German’ or ‘Deutsch’. With a little luck you can find some German episodes that will interest them!

There! I hope this helps with you and your children learning German. There are of course some aspects of German grammar that can be a little complicated, but the benefits make the effort worthwhile. Please do check out my website and get in touch and I’ll be happy to share more resources and tips 😉


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