Supporting your child as they take those crucial first steps towards learning French can be tricky – especially if you don’t have the right materials on hand! That’s why we’ve curated a list of our favourite free French resources that are guaranteed to keep kids switched on and learning.

#1 One Third Stories

Fancy a free, digital One Third Stories Story Box that will introduce your little learner to un petit peu de Francais? Featuring a beautifully illustrated bilingual ebook, audiobook and activities, it’s a great way to get kids reading, listening, speaking and writing, and a perfect introduction to our full, physical Story Box subscription. Sign up for a free digital Story Box and get a taste of what One Third Stories has to offer!

#2 Duolingo

Hugely popular mobile app Duolingo offers over 100 different courses in 38 languages, and boasts over 300 million users worldwide. Not bad, eh! Though it’s actually designed for adults, kids love Duolingo’s cute graphics and fun gamification – so why not sit down with your little one and learn French together? The app uses simple yet effective techniques to make language learning easy, and it even tracks your weaker areas so you can go back over the words, phrases or grammar that need most reinforcement.

#3 BBC Bitesize French

BBC Bitesize is an amazing place to find free at-home learning resources across all subjects and age groups, and its offerings for KS1 and KS2 French are fabulous too. There are plenty of videos, games, and activities for kids to get their teeth into, and the site is intuitive enough for kids for them to explore all by themselves. Tres bon BBC!

Fancy some free French resources?

Experience everything One Third Stories has to offer with an ebook, audiobook and activities delivered right to your inbox. Did we mention that the story is all about dinosaurs?

#4 The French Experiment

The French Experiment is a lovely little website that offers free beginner French lessons with accompanying audio, as well as a selection of classic stories translated into French for kids to read, watch and enjoy. With their bilingual versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood and more, the folks at The French Experiment clearly share our love of learning through great storytelling – so they obviously get the One Third Stories seal of approval!

#5 Pinterest

When it comes to free French resources, Pinterest can be an absolute goldmine. It’s brimming with printable worksheets, and you can even find great quality posters and flashcards. Be warned, though – not all the resources are free, and quality levels fluctuate wildly. But given the sheer quantity of stuff on there, it’s well worth searching for “French kids printables” and seeing if you can unearth a few gems. Speaking of which, our Digital Story Box also contains some great free printables – click here to get yours.

#6 Spotify

Spotify is one the world’s most popular music streaming services, with more than 70 million songs available for listening. And with lots of those sung in the French language, it’s also an amazing learning resource! Sure, your child might not quite be ready for Serge Gainsbourg or Christine and the Queens, but Spotify is also packed with pre-made playlists of French lullabies, nursery rhymes and more to help your child hone their listening skills. Spotify offers a free version supported by ads, or a variety of paid subscriptions.

#7 French Baby Flashcards

For the littlest learners of all, French Baby Flashcards introduces your child to their first French vocabulary via super cute flashcards, all available on one little app. With different categories and French pronunciation models, it’s a great way to get kids started and a handy accompaniment to One Third Stories’ French Story Boxes.

#8 Conjuguemos

For more advanced learners who want to take their French beyond simple songs, stories and nursery rhymes, check out Conjuguemos. It’s awesome for getting the hang of trickier grammar and learning new vocabulary, and it even gives explanations for any mistakes your child might make. Though its interface might look a little serious and scary, rest assured that Conjuguemos is packed with fun learning games and activities – so it should appeal to even the most discerning of budding French connoisseurs.

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#9 Monde Des Titounis

Monde Des Titounis is a treasure trove of French games, stories, songs, you name it – all introduced by your new friends the Titounis! This cast of colourful characters span the digital and physical realms, with plenty of content on YouTube and Spotify, as well as books, toys and games to buy in the real world. The Titounis are big news in France, and a browse of their website is guaranteed to throw up some authentic content that your child will love.

#10 La Souris

Another authentic French website aimed at native-speaking children, La Souris is a place where kids can tackle everything from reading, to maths, to logic puzzles – in French! Once your child has got the hang of navigating their way around the site it should be easy enough for them to use with minimal supervision – indeed, La Souris is aimed at young French learners so every activity is wonderfully straightforward.

Et voila! With such a variety of fun and effective resources at your fingertips, you’re almost fully equipped to help your child’s French flourish. The final pièce de résistance? A subscription to One Third Stories’ French Story Boxes promises a lifelong romance with the language of love!

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