If you’ve ever tried to help your child with their Spanish studies, you’ll know that relying on the school textbook alone can get a little… dry. Thankfully, there are lots of great free Spanish learning resources out there to keep kids interested and engaged, and we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best.

#1 One Third Stories

Want a free digital storybook, audiobook and activity pack that will introduce your child to un poco de Español? Our digital Story Box gives kids a taste of what they can expect from a full, physical One Third Stories subscription, with a beautifully illustrated bilingual ebook that begins in English before slowly introducing Spanish words and phrases. Featuring a variety of activities to get kids reading, writing, listening and speaking, plus an accompanying audiobook version of the story, it’s a great way to spend some quality home learning time with your child. Sign up for a free digital Story Box and get a taste of what One Third Stories has to offer!

#2 Duolingo

You’ve no doubt heard of Duolingo. This hugely popular mobile app boasts over 300 million users worldwide, and offers courses in 38 languages – including Spanish! Designed for all ages and based on a video game-style reward structure, kids can’t get enough of its cute animation and endless replayability. Duolingo uses a simple, effective teaching methodology to make language learning accessible to everyone, and a clever algorithm to ensure repeat exposure to the bits your child is struggling with most.

#3 BBC Bitesize Spanish

BBC Bitesize is an exceptionally useful bank of thoughtfully designed and well curated resources for all kinds of subjects, with educational videos, games and activities for ages 3 all the way to 16+. Its Spanish content is wonderfully varied too, with everything from Spanish phonics lessons to an easy-to-follow recipe for Catalan breakfast classic pan con tomate. Muy bien, BBC!

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#4 The Spanish Experiment

We love The Spanish Experiment, a beautifully designed little website with a strong emphasis on something we hold dear to our hearts here at One Third Stories – learning through storytelling! The site offers free beginner Spanish lessons with audio, plus a number of classic children’s stories translated into Spanish and read by a great native speaker voice actor. Whether it’s Pollito Tito (Chicken Little) or Los Tres Cerditos (The Three Little Pigs), there’s plenty of Spanish storytelling fun for you and your child to enjoy together.

#5 Pinterest

If you’re looking for free, printable Spanish worksheets at a variety of ability levels, Pinterest is a great place to start. A quick search for “Spanish kids printables” throws up an incredible quantity of content (admittedly, some is of better quality than others), but find the good stuff and it will keep your child busy for hours. There are also plenty of posters and flashcards on there too, just waiting to be discovered. And if free printables are your thing, our free digital Story Box also contains some great One Third Stories activity sheets- click here to get yours.

#6 Spotify

With more than 70 million songs available to stream instantly, Spotify is a treasure trove of music – sung in all languages! Enjoying authentic Spanish language songs is a great way for kids to have fun as they practise their listening, and the good stuff is really easy to find – with thousands of user-generated playlists to explore, simply search for “Spanish kids songs” and Roberto is your uncle. Best of all, Spotify offers a free version supported by ads, as well as a variety of paid subscriptions.

#7 Online Free Spanish

If your budding bilingual needs extra help with their listening skills, we’d definitely encourage you to check out Online Free Spanish. This 100% free site allows kids to scroll through a variety of games based on their skill set, and many use audio to model the pronunciation of the words they’re learning. Plus, with its Spanish word of the day feature and four levels to progress through, Online Free Spanish is meaty enough to keep kids learning for hours.

#8 Spanish Playground

If you’re worried about your little one getting bored on their language learning journey, Spanish Playground should definitely put those fears to rest! It’s got a bunch of different resources to make sure learning stays exciting, from printable worksheets to actually-surprisingly-funny jokes. And with content curated around events and topics including Earth Day and Black History Month, you can be sure to keep your child’s learning relevant.

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#9 Conjuguemos

For learners who are ready to take their Spanish to the next level, Conjuguemos is a fabulous free resource. Meaning “let’s conjugate together”, this website excels at helping kids and adults alike practise just that – tricky verb conjugations! Started by a school Spanish teacher and now used by millions worldwide, it’s packed with levelled language games to drill learners’ grammar, vocabulary, listening and more. What’s more, it even offers handy explanations for any mistakes your child might be making.

#10 123 Teach Me

If there’s one thing that kids love more than anything else in the world, it’s exams. Okay, that may not quite be true but online Spanish quiz site 123 Teach Me does a surprisingly good job of making assessment fun. With a huge variety of tests to help you monitor your child’s progress, it’s a useful way to build up a picture of where your child needs most support. And because it’s all done in a quiz format, it really brings out kids’ competitive side!

¡Ya está! Now you have so many great resources up your sleeve, you’ve got almost everything you need to help your child take their Spanish to the next level. The final piece of the puzzle? A subscription to One Third Stories’ Spanish Story Boxes gives kids an introduction to the language that they’ll never forget.

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