When it comes to teaching a language, the more help you can get the better, right? Whether you know the language or not, you need more than pen and paper to help your little learn Spanish! That’s why we created our One Third Stories language learning books and subscription packs, which make teaching and learning Spanish and French simple and fun. But, even we know that sometimes you need more resources to help you alongside our activities!

#1 Duolingo

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve heard of Duolingo before – it’s made some pretty big waves in the world of language learning! If you haven’t, though, this is a little app that uses simple courses and cute graphics to make it easy for both kids and adults to learn Spanish. You can practice everything from writing to speaking, and track your child’s progress too!

#2 BBC Languages

BBC Languages has a ton of great pages for a variety of languages, and the Spanish ones certainly don’t disappoint! Head to the main page to find a wealth of useful and free resources, including a 12 week course of interactive videos, games, and pretty much everything else your little one will need! Sit down with them in front of the computer for just 30 minutes a day on this website and you’ll see the come on in leaps and bounds before your eyes. 

#3 Online Dictionaries

There are a ton of free online dictionaries that you and your child can use to translate words from English to Spanish and back again! It’s a super simple way to build up your youngsters vocabulary, and there a plenty of games you can play.

#4 YouTube

If you’ve got a child who loves music, what better way to help mix language learning into their daily lives than with Spanish songs! Youtube is amazing for this and has a ton of kids songs all sung in fluent Spanish. One of our favourite channels is Little Baby Bum which has a whole host of nursery rhymes and songs for kids.

#5 Fisher Price Videos

For little kids (from toddlers to early school age), Fisher Price Vídeos Para Bebés is a wonderful resource! It’s got a huge selection of videos that you can let your child sit and watch whilst you take a well-earned coffee break, and each one teaches new vocabulary and spells the words out on screen. They’re super fun too, so you can be sure your youngster will be thoroughly entertained!

#6 Online Free Spanish

If your budding bilingual is struggling with their listening skills, we’d definitely encourage you to check out Online Free Spanish. They can scroll through a variety of games based on their skill set, and nearly every single one uses audio to help them learn how to listen to and pronounce the words they’re learning. They can also take a look at the books and songs whilst they’re here! 

#7 International Children’s Library

Find classic translated tales, such as Puss in Boots and Humpty Dumpty, or original Spanish stories on The International Children’s Digital Library. The site has over 150 digital story books in Spanish that’ll help your child learn to read in their second language and keep them excited about becoming bilingual! Plus, they’re all completely free of course, which makes us very happy.

#8 Spanish Playground

If you’re worried about your little one getting bored on their language learning journey, Spanish Playground should definitely put those fears to rest! It’s got a bunch of different resources to keep learning exciting, from printable worksheets to funny jokes. It’s even got themed categories, such as Earth Day and Black History Month, so you can keep your teaching topical! 

#9 Hola Viajeros

Check out the awesome audio books over at Hola Viajeros for kids who love a good story, and help them improve their listening skills without any hassle. The books are read with slow pronunciation and with an English transcript so even beginners will be able to enjoy them! Most of the books tell tales of Spanish culture and tradition too, so you can help your little one fall in love with the country as well as the language.

#10 123 Teach Me

Once your youngsters built up some confidence in their Spanish skills, head on over to 123 Teach Me for some tests – but don’t be fooled, these are still super fun! In the form of games, you can track your child’s progress and see where they might need extra help. There are loads of Spanish quizzes to choose from, and the easy drag and match format makes them super easy for kids to complete. 

Still after more ways to teach your child another language? Find out how One Third Stories can help with beautifully illustrated picture books delivered to your door every month.