One of the main advantages of teaching your little one a language at home is that you can make it fun! At schools, the use of constant testing and a whole heap of textbooks can drain your child’s passion for language learning, but at home you can vary the tools you use to teach and make sure they’re always engaged.  

A great way to do this is by using YouTube, which is full of songs, tv shows, and useful lessons that you can sit down to watch with your youngsters or let them explore independently. To help you get started with using YouTube for language learning, we’ve put together some of our favourite channels and videos you can check out!

#1 Once Niños 

Once Niños is a Mexican channel with a bunch of different series for your child to enjoy. They use cute puppets that will definitely add to the appeal for kids, and have a ton of different fun activities to keep their videos entertaining! We love the Monstruario series, where kids describe monsters and you get to see what they look like. As a challenge, you could get your little on to listen to the audio first before drawing it based on the descriptions, and then see how similar there’s is to the actual image! 

#2 Spanish Playground

For slow pronunciation and a channel that your little one can easily learn with on their own, definitely check out Spanish Playground. It’s got a bunch of great videos for learning new vocabulary, and the short clips mean your kid won’t get bored watching a super long video, plus it makes each topic much easier to digest! They post fairly regular content, so subscribe to them to keep updated.

#3 Semillitas TV 

For a mix of songs, crafts, and a whole lot of activities head over onto Semillitas TV, a great Spanish resource for kids! The cartoon format makes them perfect for little ones, with bright colours and cute animation to keep them engaged. Most of the clips are very short and use images alongside both the written and spoken version of the word to make learning Spanish super simple! 

#4 Leoncito Alado 

If you’re little one is a fan of music, definitely show them Leoncito Alado! It has a bunch of songs with kid-friendly animations that your youngster will love to watch and sing along to. The pronunciation is slow and clear, making the videos perfect for language learning, and they’ll help your little one pick up new phrases and become better at speaking with the proper accent. 

#5 Luna Creciente 

For little kids who are learning to read in Spanish, Luna Creciente is a brilliant YouTube channel! Check out the videos with the puppet, Mono Silabo, who makes it easy for beginners. Or, check out the other videos – there are plenty of playlists to get through! – for a huge variety of great learning resources. 

#6 Spanish Alphabet 

In our opinion, there’s no better way to learn any alphabet than with a catchy song, and Spanish is no different! We love this little tune, which is sung by a native speaker so you can be sure all the pronunciation is right, and it’s got simple but cute animation so your child can follow along with the letters as they’re sung. Pop this on a few times and your child will know the alphabet in no time!

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