5 Reasons Learning Languages Improves Children And Adults Confidence  

In this day and age, the meek don’t appear to be inheriting the earth. With ever-increasing competition in the world of work and with the explosion of social media, it’s those who are confident enough to put themselves out there and take risks that succeed!

Lots of us suffer from shyness and it can really stand in our way if we don’t take control of it. But have you ever thought about how learning a language could help you to get over it? We’ve put together a list of the reasons why learning a language can really help both children and adults to overcome their timidity!


The confidence gained from learning a language can really help you to stand out

You have to talk to strangers

When learning a language, you’ll probably end up being partnered with someone you don’t know for speaking practice or a grammar activity. This is great practice for those that don’t like speaking to strangers!

You have to speak in front of people

Language classes often involve giving short presentations or reading aloud from a text. Shy people tend to avoid speaking in front of other people if they can help it, but learning a language will force you to face your fears.

Everyone else in the class is in exactly the same boat and they are normally extremely supportive of each other’s efforts, so this is a great environment for getting over a fear of public speaking

You have to express your opinions

Many language courses focus on different topics to help you learn. These can be anything from the environment to the political situation in the country you’re studying.

You’re often assessed on your ability to express your opinion and so you have to get used to saying things with conviction and putting across your ideas clearly, something which shy people often struggle with!

You develop a different personality

It’s been proven that people that are multi-lingual have slightly different personalities depending on the language they are speaking! For example, someone might be more extroverted, louder or tell more jokes in one language and talk more quietly and be more serious in another.

If you’re generally quite shy and retiring in English, maybe your Spanish personality will be a bit more out there!


Turns out Katie’s Spanish personality is a touch on the wild side…

You gain confidence from travelling

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it by visiting or living in a country where it’s spoken, and travelling or living abroad is a sure fire way to grow your confidence! You’re bound to come up against some difficult situations that your language ability will help you to solve and every time you do your confidence will come on in leaps and bounds.

If you want to really throw yourself in at the deep end, a solo trip will leave you feeling like you can do absolutely anything! If you’re travelling with kids, encouraging them to try ordering food can do wonders for their confidence in a language and therefore their self-confidence, because the two really do go hand in hand!

Katie Uniacke is a polyglot with a serious case of wanderlust. She blogs over at What Katie is Doing, where every post is guaranteed to make you want to go and buy a plane ticket immediately.