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6 Best YouTube Channels/Videos For Kids Learning French

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Language Learning Tips | 0 comments

Having a good set of language learning resources is essential for teaching your little one a new language – especially if you don’t speak it yourself! They keep learning exciting and engaging, shaking things up a bit to make sure your child keeps on wanting to learn. Alongside our One Third Stories French and Spanish books, you can use worksheets, online games, and TV shows to enhance your child’s language learning. 

We also love YouTube as a great free resource! There are a ton of language learning videos, with everything from songs to shows to keep your youngster occupied. Check out some of our favourite channels and find the ones that work best for you and your child. 

1) Caillou 

Caillou is a French-Canadian cartoon on YouTube that kids will love! With hundreds of episodes – and some of them over an hour long – your little one will be kept entertained for days on end and can improve their French listening skills, as well as picking up the accent and new vocabulary. There aren’t any English subtitles though, so if your youngster isn’t so confident in their language skills yet then maybe leave this channel until a little later!

2) YouLearnFrench 

With more of an emphasis on teaching rather than entertaining, the videos on YouLearnFrench are great for slightly older kids and can really help improve grammar and vocabulary skills. With extra information on topics, short video clips, and easy to understand information, it’s a great channel to add to the list! It may not be so fancy, but sometimes simple is better.

3) Top 20 French Rhymes 

Over on Appuseries’ YouTube channel, we’ve found this great little video of 20 French songs for kids – definitely check it out if your youngster loves to dance and sing! It’s got cute animation to go along with it and 30-minutes worth of songs, so your child can listen to it over and over to pick up the words to the songs. You might want to invest in a pair of headphones for them though for your benefit! They’re great little songs, but there’s only so many clicks of the repeat button a parent can take.

4) Peppa Pig Francais 

If there’s anything we know about little kids, it’s that their love for Peppa Pig is universal! We’re not quite sure what it is about the little pink piglet but the show has completely captured the attention of young children, so why not use it to help teach French? Peppa Pig Français have a ton of French episodes that your youngster will love to binge, and they’ll be picking up a ton of French whilst they watch! It’s especially good if you can find episodes your child has already watched in English so they’ll have more of an understanding of what’s going on and will better be able to understand or learn the French. 

5) Frenchpod101 

Learn French With FrenchPod101.com is a YouTube channel that will definitely work better for older kids and is a bit more mature than the other channels we’ve included here, but it’s got some really great content that shouldn’t be missed! From lessons on grammar and vocabulary, to useful videos on things such as mistakes beginners make and methods to make your language learning faster, it’s a hugely useful resource to have on your side. Subscribe and try it out with your child to see whether they like it! 

6) The French Alphabet 

Check out this great French Alphabet video over on Elearnin, which uses a cute song and fun animation to make it easy for your little one to learn how to pronounce all the letters of the alphabet in French! Simply pop it on once a day and get your child to sing as much of it as they can when you’ve got a spare minute or two. It’s a super simple activity but one that will really make a big difference to their French skills!

If you’re looking for resources to help kids learn French, take a look at our One Third Stories language learning books and subscription boxes! With beautifully illustrated stories that slowly transition your little one from English to either French or Spanish, alongside super fun activities to keep your child practicing their skills, it’s a great way to keep learning a language exciting as well as easy! 

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