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6 Ways To Speed Up Your Kids Language Learning in 2019

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Language Learning Tips, One Third Language

Language learning can seem like a pretty long and hard journey sometimes. It’s worth it for sure, but we totally get that as a parent teaching a child it can occasionally be a bit of a struggle! Whether it’s putting in the hours that you’re finding difficult, or maybe your little one isn’t making the progress you thought they would be, our team of language learning experts at One Third Stories are here to help. 

We’ve put together a guide of super simple ways you can speed up your youngster’s language learning journey – and they really work! Check them out and watch your child flourish in 2019.

1) Add a Daily Soundtrack 

Music is a great way to help your little one get to grips with some new vocabulary and pick up the French accent, which helps hugely with improving their speech skills. It doesn’t even take any effort to do this either! All you have to do is find some French kid’s songs and pop them on in the morning as you get ready, in the car as you drive to school, or dance around to them whenever you feel like having some fun.  

To help you out, here are some sites with free French children’s songs you might like: 

Talk in French – 3 hours of French songs on one handy Spotify playlist 

Rockalingua – A ton of great free Spanish songs for kids 

CDBaby – A great album to buy and download  

Spanish Mama – A blog with links to lots of different Spanish language learning songs

2) Create a Routine 

Putting together a routine is a brilliant way to make sure you sit down with your little one regularly enough for them to start making quick progress. If your hours of language learning are all up in the air at the moment, you and your child won’t know what’s going on and will be less motivated to actually sit and learn – there’ll always be something else that needs to get done first! 

So, create a chart with a routine that you’ll actually stick to. It doesn’t have to be intense – some days could be worksheets that your kid can do at the kitchen table whilst you cook the dinner, another day could be a language learning bedtime story, with another being 30 minutes playing language games on the computer. But, as long as you stick to it, your little one will start improving super quickly.

3) Add Rewards  

If routine isn’t really your child’s thing, motivate them with rewards. Trust us, it always works! Tell them that if they sit down every day and do their language learning activities, then at the end of the week they’ll get to go swimming with a friend or get a chocolate bar – whatever’s going to work for your youngster! 

If it’s you that’s struggling with routine, you don’t have to be left out of the rewards! Feel free to treat yourself for doing a good job of teaching – you deserve it. 

4) Chill Out With Audiobooks 

Audiobooks are a great way to top up on your child’s language learning without trying too hard. You can play them around the house, in the car… wherever you want! Just as with the songs, your child will pick up more pronunciation and vocabulary, and you can even get audiobooks with English transcripts and slower narration for beginners. Book Depository have a lot of audiobooks you can buy, or head to The Fable Cottage for French audiobooks, or Language Pro for free Spanish stories!

5) Watch Foreign TV 

If it’s your own busy schedule that’s stopping your little one from making the progress they should, foreign TV shows are going to be a lifesaver! You can sit them down in front of a 30-minute show, with or without subtitles depending on their skill level, and they’ll quickly start to pick up the language! Just remember to use other resources alongside TV, of course. 

6) Try Out One Third Stories 

One Third Stories is one of the simplest ways to speed up language learning in French and Spanish because of our totally unique Clockwork Methodology. By incorporating new vocabulary into English stories slowly, your child will pick it up super quickly and be reading the story in their second language by the end! 

Our subscription box also makes it easy to stay on track with your learning, and the activities that come alongside the books are a great additional resource to keep things interesting. 

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