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Birthday Scavenger Hunt for Your Kids

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Lifestyle

If there’s one thing we know about kids’ birthdays at One Third Stories, it’s that party games are a must! We also think plenty of tasty snacks are essential too, but that goes without saying.

When it comes to games, though, we take things very seriously, which is exactly why we’ve put together this easy idea that’s super fun for little ones to help you make sure your child birthday is a success. The best part is, it’s educational, too!

The Scavenger Hunt

This special scavenger hunt is designed just for kids who love to learn new languages and goes perfectly when paired with our One Third Stories subscription boxes.

It’s designed to help teach your little one – and their friends if you’re having a party! – to learn key phrases of items around your home, encouraging them to use the language skills they’ve learnt or learn new ones, all whilst having fun. It takes the same approach as our language learning books and activities; kids will always do better if we make learning fun!

Creating Your Hunt

We’ve created two different versions of this hunt for kids who have different levels of language skills. Let’s start with the first one for little ones who are just beginning their language learning journey – they might have even just been given their first One Third Stories box for their birthday!

The basic idea of a scavenger hunt is to give a list of objects for the player to find – kind of like an Easter Egg hunt, but with more variety! The player then has to find all the objects that are hidden and bring them back at the end.

For the first, simpler idea, you can write all the items in English to make things easy. Then when your youngster finds the item, it’ll have a label on it with the French or Spanish version for the word. Have your child collect each label and at the end see how many they can match to the English word. Simple, but super fun!

The second hunt is for kids who are a little more advanced. In this game, your little one will be given a sheet with objects or descriptions on them (for example ‘something blue’, or ‘something you use in the morning’), but this time in French or Spanish. You can see why it’s more difficult! Your child will then have to translate the words or phrases before finding their object.

How to Make a Fun Scavenger Hunt

Of course, we want this scavenger hunt to be super fun as well as educational, so we’ve come up with a few ways you can add some extra excitement. It is a birthday after all!

First of all, make sure you decorate the scavenger sheets. You could create them on the computer and print them out or do a bit of DIY if you’re into crafts. Either way, make sure they’re special!

Secondly, always include a prize. If it’s just your birthday boy or girl taking part, you can just give them a present for finishing the hunt. If there are more kids involved, you can either make it a competition so that whoever wins gets a prize, or – to avoid any tears and tantrums – simply give every child something little.

If you want to really up the heat, bring out a stopwatch and get timing. You could either have a time limit that the little ones must collect all the items in or see who can get them in the fastest time. Trust us, as soon as speed is involved things will get very exciting!

Things to Remember for Your Hunt

Before you get going, there are a couple of things to remember about your scavenger hunt, particularly if it’s for a group of children. Language learning games are fun, but there are always things to be aware of.

First of all, it’s always best to find a large space. If you have a garden – perfect! Hide things in trees and under tables and you won’t have to worry about any other items in your home getting broken. If you don’t have a garden and are still worried about a bunch of crazy kids running around your house, take your hunt to the park or host your party in a venue. It’ll save you a lot of worry!

It’s also a good idea to give little ones a basket or bucket they can put their items in – little arms can only carry so much after all. Remember not to include anything sharp or pointy too, just in case there are any trips whilst running around.

Apart from that, the only thing to think about is having fun!

If you want to teach your child French or Spanish in exciting and inventive ways, just like this game, then check out One Third Stories today. We use beautifully illustrated story books and super fun activities to make learning simple and exciting. If you don’t know the language yet either don’t worry, you’ll pick it up too!

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