Language Learning Techniques For Children: The Complete A-Z Guide

A-Z Of Amazing Language Learning Techniques For Children

by | May 25, 2017 | Language Learning Tips | 0 comments

There are a heap of language learning techniques for children out there. The trouble is knowing which methods will help teach your little ones to speak another language in a way that is actually fun and engaging. We’re all about making language learning an enjoyable process here at One Third Stories, so we’ve put together a complete A-Z list of our favourite language learning techniques.

A-Z Of Language Learning Techniques

A is for Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a brilliant way for you to squeeze language learning into your child’s routine. Why not sit them down to listen to their favourite story in another language? See how much they pick up through being familiar with the story already. We love having audiobooks as part of our Story Box Club to support what children are learning in the written story. Try out one of our audiobooks for free in French or Spanish.

Language Learning Techniques: Audiobooks

B is for Buddies

Buddying up with a fellow language learning enthusiast is a sure-fire way to keep your children motivated and engaged. Perhaps there’s another little one in their year at school who wants to learn a language? Being able to learn alongside someone else will provide encouragement to your child when they need it.

C is for Classes

Attending a structured language class can be a great first introduction to languages, especially for total beginners. Do your research on language learning classes in your local area and choose one with a teaching style that will suit your child.

D is for Dinner Table

We love the tried-and-tested method of language learning at the dinner table. Set a rule in the household that only the target language your child is trying to learn can be spoken over dinner – even by parents! Let the hilarity ensue when mum or dad don’t know the answer and have to be corrected.

E is for Egg Hunts

Egg hunts don’t just have to be for Easter. Hide some language learning questions or words that need to be translated around the house next to chocolate treats. Your little ones can race round trying to find the treats, but can only eat them once they’ve answered the question or translation correctly.

F is for Flashcards

Test how your child’s language learning is progressing by using bright and colourful flashcards. You could make these yourselves at home with some card and felt tips, or get hold of some in our Story Box each month.

Language Learning Techniques: Flashcards