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Tilly’s Jam Jar Snow Globes

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Craft Club, Story Box Club

There are various versions of the history of the snow globe. Some say the first one was created in 1889 in Paris, to commemorate the International Exposition, and it had a model of the Eiffel Tower inside. Others attribute the first ever snow globe to an Austrian called Erwin Perzy, who made one by accident when he was designing a surgical lamp in 1900.

Either way, the snow globe is a popular holiday souvenir you’ll spot all over the world, but especially at Christmas. Here’s how to make one with a jam jar and some glitter. It’s a great craft to kick-start a discussion about the weather – will we get la neige (French) or la nieve (Spanish) in England this winter? Is snow froid (F) or frío (S), or is it chaud (F) or calor (S)?

You can put whatever you want in your snow globe – we did snowmen this time, but we’ve also used little LEGO figures and characters from Disney’s Frozen. Elsa looks great with the snow swirling around her! And for related language ideas about the weather, take a look at our post on how to create a weather station.

Difficulty: age 6+ because of the glass and the glue gun

Language themes: Christmas, seasons, weather

You’ll need:

Jam jar
A few drops of glycerine
if you’ve got it – it makes the glitter drop more slowly
A Christmas decoration or figure to go inside
A glue gun

How to make it:


Fill your jam jar with water to check it’s watertight before you start, then dry it out


Using a glue gun, glue your figure to the (dry) upturned lid and let the glue set and cool fully


Fill your jar with water and add the glitter and glycerine


Place your lid on with the jar still upside down


Screw it tightly, turn it the right way up, and shake!

Tip: To make it extra secure you could put glue on the lid before you screw it back on, and to make it more colourful you could add some food colouring to the water. If you’ve got young children, use a plastic jar instead.

Story Box links: read our first ever Christmas story, Countdown to Christmas, and take a look at Tilly for ideas about seasons and the weather.

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