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Emerald, Green and Digger’s Glittery Autumn Leaf Tea Light Holders

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Craft Club, Story Box Club

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been wading through great carpets of crunchy leaves for the past few weeks. Before they all turn brown and slushy, put them to good use with this simple craft for kids made with old jam jars or Mason jars – it’s inspired by autumn and a great chance to talk about the seasons and the weather.

Foraging for leaves is also a good opportunity to talk about colours – can you find une feuille rouge? Or une feuille jaune? Right now, are the trees verde, or marron? There are some timely links to festivals that make a great talking point, too. December 6-9 is the festival of lights, or Fête des lumières in Lyon, France. And many children will have been learning about Diwali – the Hindu festival of lights – at school recently.

Here’s everything you need to make these autumn-inspired jam jar tealight holders, plus some suggested Story Box books to pull out for related language learning tools.

Difficulty: easy

Language themes: seasons, weather, colours, festivals


You’ll need:

Old jam jars or Mason jars – the opening at the top just needs to be big enough to drop a tea light in (and not too deep, or you’ll never be able to light it)
Colourful leaves
Tea lights
(always supervise children with candles, or better still, buy the LED versions)
Glue and a brush
Glitter glue

How to make it:


Collect a bunch of colourful leaves – go for thinner, more ‘see through’ leaves if you can


Make sure they’re clean but not too dry and crispy – they’re actually better when they’re slightly damp – then trim the stems off


Wash and dry your empty jam jars


Paste clear PVA the glue onto the outside of the jar, stick a leaf on top, and cover it in glue again


Do the same all the way around the jar with different coloured leaves, being careful not to layer the leaves so as not to block the light out (although a bit of overlap is fine)


Leave your jar to dry, and add a layer of glitter glue over the top for a bit of a sparkle


Once everything’s dry, pop a tea light inside and hey presto – your tea light holder will glow a gorgeous autumnal amber

Tip: for older children, buy some string wire and make these into lanterns by creating a handle

Story Box links: try How The Dinosaur Got His Shoes for words and activities around colours, or Tilly for seasons and the weather.

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