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5 Language Themed Party Ideas

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Lifestyle, One Third Language

Whether it’s a birthday, special occasion, or just an excuse for a party, a language themed event for your little one is a great way to show how fun language learning can be! Not only for your child, but for all their friends too – you might even inspire them to start learning a language, which would be great for your youngster to have a partner to learn with. So, in the spirit of partying, check out our tips and ideas and get inspiration to host your very own! These can also work really well for making a special language lesson at school.  

Cultural Decorations 

At One Third Stories, we believe language learning is about way more than simply being able to communicate in a second language. We think it’s about embracing a new culture and learning about all it has to offer. It’s great knowledge for your child to have, giving them a more well-rounded view of the world! So, why not add some foreign culture into your party decorations? 

You can hang the flags of your chosen country around your home, and paint or print out images of cultural landmarks to add to the walls and tables. You could even have props of cultural clothing for the kids to dress up in! It’s a great way to teach them about another country and the differences we may have with them. 

Language Themed Games 

No party is complete without games! We think language learning games are a great way to keep things fun, and there are a ton of great ideas you can choose from. Whether it’s musical chairs with foreign music, our scavenger hunt and chalk games, or this great card game, Spot It!, which comes in both French and Spanish, it’s an awesome way to liven things up at your party. Just make sure you have enough prizes to go around! 

Foreign Food 

We love any excuse to eat tasty food, and your foreign language party is the perfect opportunity. From croissants and baguettes for French parties, to paella and churros for Spanish parties, you can encourage little ones to try something new and experience another aspect of your chosen culture. Set them out with your cultural décor and you’ll be onto a winning theme! 

Bilingual Party Bags 

Treat your children’s friends to a fun-filled party bag at the end of the day, with a ton of language themed gifts inside. From printed colouring sheets and word searches, to little toys that are themed on the culture of your second language, you can really go to town creating a great goody bag! For bonus points, add in a couple of sweets; no party bag is complete without them. You could even make a list of the names for everything in there in the foreign language that the children can try to match up to the items. 

One Third Stories Activities 

Our subscription boxes come with a ton of great language-learning activities that your child and a few friends can have a go at! When you need to make things a little quieter, have everyone sit around to hear one of our great language stories in French or Spanish. Then, you can do the adjoining activity that we often post on our blog. 

Check out these Coconut Moon bath bombs that go alongside our Grandpa’s Lost in Space story book and make sure to incorporate some of our language terms as you make them. They’re super easy – just be prepared for things to get a little messy!  

If you’re not yet subscribed to One Third Stories, you should definitely check us out. Our language learning resources for kids make it easy to pick up Spanish or French as we have a unique Clockwork Methodology that introduces key vocabulary slowly so your youngster understands it. They’ll start a book in English, and end up reading it in their second language! Pretty clever, right?  

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