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Language Learner Spotlight: How Languages Made Me More Confident

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Lifestyle, One Third Language

Hi, I’m Dorothea, a language learning addict. I grew up in England, and unfortunately learning languages doesn’t seem to be the top priority for children at school here in Angleterre.

Whenever we went holiday en France, I would be too embarrassed to try to speak the français I learnt in school, even when ordering food dans un restaurant. Even so, I loved to travel and would always find opportunités to go abroad, although maybe I was more tempted by the delicious food in other countries than learning to speak their langues.


Dorothea on holiday in France where she was too embarrassed to use her language skills. She’s the one dressed like Dora the Explorer.

It came as no surprise to anyone that knew me that my love of baguettes and tapas eventually drove me to studying francais et espagnol a l’université. Although no one could describe classes de grammaire as fun, I loved being able to read books in une autre langue, as well as studying their histoire and art. By second year, I tried my hand at learning Chinese, a langue which I found so difficile, I still have a lot of respect for anyone who can speak it!

On my year abroad en France et en Espagne, I found my confiance growing with every plate of tapas et croissant I ordered. Working et studying in these countries gave me the opportunité to make friends from all over the world, travel et visiter all sorts of amazing places!


Studying in France gave Dorothea in-Seine language skills

Looking back, I know that my love of languages came from my love of talking to and understanding other people. I have an endless curiosité for how other people live, and learning langues means you can get to know different cultures et have lots more fun than if you are stuck speaking anglais.

The most important lesson that learning langues has taught me is confiance. It turns out most people don’t mind you making the odd mistake when you’re chatting to them in your second language. Unless you are dans une classe de grammaire a l’université of course! I know my knowledge of langues will now help me connect with people wherever I go et whatever I do. This is why I love what One Third Stories are doing; giving children confiance by showing that learning une autre langue is fun et not nearly as difficile as you think.

Dorothea studied languages at university and has since completed a post graduate diploma studying social innovation in Brazil. She is a One Third Storyteller, helping to make learning a language as easy as reading a story. We create stories that start in English and end in a different langue, using the the Clockwork Methodology® that has just helped you learn 30 French words.




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