KS2 Spanish – 5 things your child’s teacher wants you to do!

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When it comes to your little person learning KS2 Spanish or any foreign language at KS2, there are some crucial points that you as a parent should know. My name is Benjamin Currier and I teach Spanish from Year 1 to Year 11 at Mayfield School in Portsmouth. Having taught for a few years and met loads of parents of children learning Spanish, I feel these are points to help enhance the learning of the foreign language for your little person, making it accessible and making it an enjoyable thing for you and your little person.

1) Slow and steady will win the race

Just because your little person has started to learn a Spanish doesn’t mean they will become fluent in a week. Learning a foreign language to fluency level takes many years of hard work and you don’t want to expect your little person to converse in the foreign language straight away. You as a parent may have the joys of hearing the same words repeated 100 times a week in all different pitches but this will help your little person remember the new vocabulary.

Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue

2) Enjoy language learning

Learning a foreign language does not require your little person to sit in front of a grammar book and do exercises, especially at KS2. You want to encourage them to learn through ways that are natural to them such as watching Peppa Pig in Spanish or trying out these fairytales that gradually introduce words in Spanish.

3) Open your little person’s eyes to a foreign speaking world

Allow your little person to explore the world of foreign languages. If your little person is learning Spanish, let them research where Spanish is spoken. It’s not only a language spoken in Spain but it’s spoken in Mexico, Peru and the United States is the world’s second largest Spanish-speaking country. When your little person realises their mother tongue isn’t the only language spoken in the world, this may make them go “wow” and want to explore other languages.

Ellie is studying KS2 Spanish and loving it

Ellie is studying KS2 Spanish and loving it

4) Enhance their future

When your little person starts their adventure of learning Spanish, this is enhancing their future with opportunities of travelling, working, and making international friends. Of course, when your little person is only 5 years old they will not be thinking about their future but you as their parent have their best interests at heart. You will be giving your little person a valuable gift and one that they may thank you for later in life. There are so many transferable skills your little person will learn from their foreign language education that will help them in the world of work.

5) Be taking advantage of what is out there

If you wish for your little person to learn more Spanish, look for clubs and organisations that are already set-up and running in your area. I have heard of many singing groups in a foreign language for children and they encourage the whole family to join in. Also take a look at local events in your town, city or village. Many places take advantage of their multicultural society and it would be another way to expose your little person to foreign languages and cultures without having to jump on a plane.   

Learning Spanish, or any foreign language has many difficulties and there may be times your little person wants to stop learning it. My advice: don’t allow them to give up on it as it’ll be something they may regret. Help your little person learn a foreign language in a natural and fun way, it can be something you as a family do together and support each other’s language acquisition. As Benjamin Franklin said,

‘involve your little person and they learn.’


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