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Learn Colours with Chalk Art

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Language Learning Tips, One Third Language

When it comes to learning, our belief at One Third Stories is that it should always be fun. If it’s not, how are you going to keep up the motivation to carry on? With little children, this is truer than ever – after all, if they’re not interested in something, they’re not going to do it! So, when it comes to language learning, we think games, activities, and our story books are the ideal way to teach. 

That’s why we love coming up with creative ways to teach languages to kids that they’ll actually enjoy, putting the fun back into learning.  

To help give you some ideas of how to keep your little one interested in learning a language, we’ve put together these fun and simple ways you can use chalk art to teach colours. Just be prepared for things to get a little messy!

What You’ll Need 

You really don’t need much to teach with chalk, which is another great reason to give it a go. All you’ll have to have on hand is chalk in plenty of colours, water in a container, paintbrushes, and plenty of space to get creative with. Simple!

Speaking Activities 

Becoming confident with speaking in a new language is essential to your child’s progress, and usually something that’s a little overlooked. So, why not try out this fun activity to get your little one talking? 

It’s very simple, but kids love it. First of all, you need to draw patches of colour on the floor with your chalk, water, and paintbrush, making them big enough for your child to stand on. Then, have your little one hop from colour to colour, saying each name as they go in their second language. You could make a hopscotch game using colours, or have them cross from one side of the chalk to the other as quickly as they can, encouraging them to try and be faster and faster each time. They’ll be fluent in colours in no time at all! 

Writing Activities 

For these game, paint patches of colour on the floor using your chalk – you can even do this with your little one and remind them of the French for each colour as you go before you start the game. Sometimes that extra reminder can really help! Then, have your child write the name of each colour underneath the patches. If they’re only a beginner, you can always fill out a couple letters to give them a hint, such as ‘J__n_’ for ‘Jaune’ (yellow). 

Reading Activities 

For these games, there are two version depending on how challenging you’d like to make it. The first simple involves writing the name of a colour in the corresponding chalk, so for example you’d write ‘rouge’ in red. Then you call out the name in English and your child finds the right colour. Just make sure they read the French word beneath, and even have them say it back to you to combine speaking and reading! 

For the second version, have the French word written down in a different colour, so, for example, write ‘rouge’ in blue. Then, call out the English version and your child will have to find the right word based on reading alone. 

It’s super easy to make language learning fun, as long as you have a little bit of creativity! If you’re looking to keep your little ones engaged and excited on their language learning journey, why not check out our One Third Stories language learning books and subscription boxes? Our unique Clockwork Methodology makes it easy for kids to pick up a new language and our focus on fun will make sure they always want to learn!

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