Quiz: Which Story Box Character Are You?

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We’re just over halfway through our first year and that means we’re about to publish our ninth story book as part of the Story Box Club Subscription. How has time gone so quickly?

We’ve been blown away by all of your kind words and amazing language learning stories from the Story Box Club. We love hearing about how the stories we write and the activities we create are helping your little ones to learn a new language. In fact, there are now children in 43 countries across the world using One Third Stories to aid language learning – how magnifique!

Our little linguists around the world

“I can’t imagine any kid who loves books turning their nose up at this. It’s kind of the ‘hidden vegetables’ approach to language learning and I love it! Looking forward to the next one.” – Paul, Spanish Story Box Subscriber

Which Story Box Character Are You?

So now we want to know: which Story Box character do you and your little ones relate to? Are you brave like Wilma the Whale? Creative like Elliot the Alien? Inventive like Nico? Or, loyal like Tilly the Tortoise? Take our quiz to find out! Let us know your result on our OneThirdStories Facebook Page.


Choose the statement that most applies to you.

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