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Language Inspired Bedroom Decor

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Lifestyle, One Third Language

Kids spend a whole lot of time in their bedroom. It’s a place for playing, learning, sleeping, and having some private time – which even little ones need now and then! So, it makes sense that you’d want to make their space as nice as it can be. But, have you ever thought about making their décor educational? 

It’s easy to add a few language learning tools into your child’s bedroom, and they look really great too! There are loads of resources and creative ideas out there to choose from, so you can match yours to your taste.  

To help you out, our One Third Stories team have put together some room décor ideas we love that’ll help your children learn a language. Enjoy! 


Mood Board 

A mood board is a great way to help your child pick up key phrases in the language they’re learning, and its super fun, too! When they wake up, they can select from a variety of words or phrases (depending on their skill level) to fill in the blanks on their board. So, for example, you can have them choose the day of the week and the month, as well as a few things they’ll be doing on that day, such as ‘maths’, ‘swimming’, or ‘going to the cinema’.  

We also think it’s a good idea if they can select how they feel each day. Not only will this help them learn the words for different emotions in their second language, it’ll also help them become more understanding of their own feelings – and you’ll know too! 

Make sure to put your words and phrases on velcro or magnets so your little one can swap and change them each day. 

Language Learning Posters 

We’re big fans of language posters at One Third Stories. Not only are they great for helping your little one to learn new vocabulary or numbers, they also look great as a decorative feature! We love these French posters from OurBilingualFamily, and this set of 11 Spanish posters from Quarterhouse – but there are plenty out there to choose from! If you head over to Etsy and simply search ‘French* language posters’, you’ll get a whole lot of great options to choose from, so you can pick the posters that suit your style.  

*Replace ‘French’ with whichever language your child is learning!

Reading Corner 

If you don’t want the whole of your youngsters room to be taken over by language learning decorations and tools, why not create a reading corner to keep it all in one place? Get your child to help you design it and make it super fun and comfy so they’ll actually want to sit and learn!

You can add cushions, bean bags, or comfy chairs, and even hang up curtains to make it like a little den for your child. Then, add a bookshelf to store all your One Third Stories language learning books, and keep areas for any other activities or resources. A desk for doing worksheets would be a great addition! 

You can even theme your reading corner on the language your little one is learning. So, if they’re studying French, you can use the colours of the flag to decorate the area, and add wall decals of iconic French landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower. If you create a nice space for your child to learn in, they’re going to be more excited to do so!

World Map 

Help give your kids language learning some context and inspire them to explore all the world has to offer with a world map wall decal. They’re a great way to easily add some fun and colour to a bare wall, and have a ton of educational benefits! We love this map with the animals of the world, which is available in both English and German

If you’re trying to encourage your little one to learn a second language, our language learning story books and activity subscription boxes are the perfect resource. We use a unique method to make teaching and learning simple as well as exciting! We think language learning should be fun for both you and your little one, which is exactly why we created One Third Stories.

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