Story Box Club Diary: Three Little Builder Pigs

Story Box Diary: Weather, Wellies And One Weary Mum

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Stories, Story Box Club

Travel blogger and mother-of-two, Katie Gregory, takes a look at this month’s Story Box: The Three Little Builder Pigs…

‘Mum, why is it always raining?’

My four-year-old peered back at me from his perch at the window, with an accusatory look on his face.

‘You said it was the summer holidays. Isn’t summer meant to be hot?’

To be fair, he has a point. And it’s a question I’ve asked myself numerous times over the last month or so. It feels like we’ve had more soggy days than necessary considering it’s August, and our ‘rainy day’ school holiday activity box is getting dangerously low.

Fortunately, this month’s story box arrived on one such drizzly day and saved us all from a severe dose of cabin fever. Plus, the topic – the weather and the seasons – was apt to say the least.

The Three Little Builder Pigs

The story of The Three Little Builder Pigs is all about Antoni, Amanda and Charles, three little pigs who love to build. Together they make various structures – from a cardboard boat to a sandcastle – but none of them withstands the weather.

The story moves through the seasons, and with them the words for different types of weather and different items of clothing are introduced. Our book was the French version, so we had fun learning the words for things like hats, wellies and sun cream (without the audiobook I’d have had no idea how to pronounce bottes en caoutchouc).

At the end of the book, the pigs discover that their little brother Charles – who had been wandering off throughout the story – had been busy building a playhouse from good old-fashioned wood, and it stays up whatever the weather. Of course, this meant we immediately had to read the story again – this time in our own playhouse in the garden, which looks a lot like the one in the story. Considering the kids haven’t stepped in it for the best part of the year, I couldn’t really complain.

The activity book and weather chart

The activity book was the star of the show this month, though, and that was mainly down to the weather chart inside. We cut out all the little weather symbols and stuck the chart to the window in my son’s room, so he can look out every morning to see what the weather’s up to (he can never remember how to say ‘quel temps fait-il?’, but he’s four, so I’ll let him off).

It’s the first thing he does when he gets out of bed, and he loves sticking the right symbol for the day on the chart. We even managed to stick a sunshine on this week, so it might just be summer, after all…

You can read more of Katie’s writing on her blog, There We Go. To join the Story Box club and receive a new story through your letterbox every month, start building your subscription today.

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