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The Linguist Lowdown: 4 Tips to Stay Motivated when Learning a Language

by | May 28, 2019 | Lifestyle, One Third Language, Uncategorized

Staying motivated when learning a new language can sometimes feel like a bit of a struggle, however our lovely subscriber Kristin has some great tips to ensure you don’t experience language learning fatigue!

Create an End Goal

Knowing what you are working towards is especially important when embarking on a language learning journey. Staying motivated Kristin says has to do with “keeping an end goal in mind.” She says if your goal is to be fluent enough to read 18th century Russian literature in language, don’t wait four years into your non immersion lessons to pick up a Russian novel. By then you may know how to order bread and and hold a bit of a conversation, but you probably have already forgotten why you were interested in this language in the first place. I’d suggest while you’re practicing conjugation, leave a few minutes in your day for working your way through that difficult novel with a good dictionary.

Adapt Your Language Learning Plan

For kids, language study needs to be kid friendly. Expose kids to the vocabulary that’s important to them or that they’ll use in their everyday lives on the playground. Keeping this in mind will also structure what your lessons look like and also keep your children involved and engaged. If your child can use their new language when playing in the park or on their way to school this is far more beneficial to begin with than to fixate or grammar or sentence structure.


Diversify Your Learning Materials

Disney and Netflix are usually fantastic at offering movies they already watch in other languages. Music is an excellent way to integrate languages, catchy tunes will stick in their head far better than trying to memorise vocabulary from a workbook! Perhaps try One Third Stories book to introduce German in a natural way and integrate reading stories as part of their bedtime routine.

View German

Put The Language Into Action

This can be linked to your end- goal of perhaps wanting to travel to a country or city that speaks this language natively, or you might even visit an aunt, uncle, grandparent or friend that has great command over the language. It will provide a space for your little linguist to show off all that they have learnt this can either serve as a teaching moment to correct common mistakes or a platform to launch themselves deeper into learning the language! Kristin tells us all about her son’s German experience below:

We just got back from Germany and my son, who is the most outgoing of us, ignored the fact that all of the Germans were speaking to him in English and continued to answer their questions (or ask questions) in broken German. Most people seemed amused by his attempts but played along or gently corrected his grammar. His number one goal is to be conversationally fluent by the end of high school (he’s 11 and growing up in the US.)

Kristin has provided some great tips in keeping her little linguists motivated, we hope you can use her great tips to ensure your little linguist has a fruitful language learning journey! Learning with a sibling? Check out our Sibling Packs to make language learning even smother!

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