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What is the Clockwork Methodology™?

by | May 4, 2018 | OTS' Story, Research

Languages are brilliant. They can improve our career prospects, help us make new friends all over the world and have a whole host of cognitive benefits. So it’s really no surprise that many parents want to give their children the gift of a second language.

But making that a reality can be tricky. How do you help your child learn another language when you don’t speak one yourself? When do you find the time to do it? What do you do if your children don’t enjoy any of the resources you buy?


That’s why we created the Clockwork Methodology™, the unique approach at the heart of all of our story boxes that allows us to create books that start in English and end in a different language.


We create engaging books that children love, complete with beautiful illustrations. They begin in English. Gradually, words in the target language are introduced in contexts that make their meaning immediately apparent. Words become phrases, phrases become sentences and sentences become whole pages in another language. Learning a new language is now as easy as reading a story! Here’s an example of the Clockwork Methodology™ in action.


“Hello, je m’appelle Terrance” he said, introducing himself.’ 


The new language gets used lots of times through the story in different contexts and scenarios. It’s through this repeated exposure the reader has learnt the French for ‘my name is’. The stories we create using the Clockwork Methodology™ are just one part of our story boxes. Each of these is designed with one goal in mind – to give children the most enjoyable start to their language learning journey possible. That means they have to be loads of fun and cover the four basic elements of learning any language: listeningreadingwriting, and speaking. Here’s how we do it…



Before your box arrives, we’ll send you an audiobook of the story. As your child listens to it, they’ll start to get to grips pronouncing the words and get some speaking practice from the exercises at the end.


The centrepiece of every box, the book starts in English and gradually introduces a foreign language through our Clockwork Methodology™. That means children can read their way to understanding new words effortlessly.


After reading the book, kids can reinforce their understanding and retention of new vocabulary with the resources. There are always lots of opportunities for them to practise their writing skills!



The activities and games are all themed around the month’s story and involve plenty of speaking practice and lots of fun to ensure that your child can’t wait to continue their language learning adventure.


Find out more about our subscription language books, or start your little one’s language journey today!


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