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Why bedtime stories are good for you

by | Feb 22, 2019 | One Third Stories, Research, Stories

Take yourself back to a time when things were simple. Your biggest problem was a lost teddy bear and your favourite stories were so magical that they seemed real. Many of us have fond memories of stories at bedtime. It turns out that they’re even better for children than we thought.

Bedtime stories stay with us. In fact, they’re the reason that so many of us still buy paperbacks when we could download an ebook in seconds. The feel of the paper and the weight of the pages reminds us of how we used to feel, tucked up in bed and waiting for the next chapter. The nostalgic feeling of opening a good book sticks with us for the rest of our lives.

Reading to children from a young age helps them to fall in love with language. They get to hear stories that they might not be able to read themselves just yet. They learn new words, internalise grammar systems, and what’s more, they enjoy themselves.

You don’t have to read books to benefit from them

It’s important to recognise that listening to books is just as valuable as reading them when children are young. It gives young children access to higher level texts, removing any frustration that might come from struggling to read early on.

When children listen to stories, they use a whole host of skills. They subconsciously identify new words, grammar patterns, and even tone of voice. All of these features are vital when it comes to learning a language, whether it’s the first, second, or third language. What’s more, it provides the perfect model for how each word and phrase should be built and pronounced.

The more you read, the better you write

We live in a world that revolves around language. We read so much every day that it can be a little overwhelming! But when you have a genuine love for reading, it takes out the effort. When you read for pleasure, it’s not hard work anymore.

Recent research shows that when children are interested, they learn faster. So it makes sense that kids who love reading, do better in literacy tasks. It’s a well-known fact that schools recommend reading as a tool for improving writing, too. The more you read, the better you write (because you’ve seen more examples of how to do it).


Bedtime stories bring you together

Studies show that conversations between parents and children are hugely beneficial. They help your child to develop important neural pathways and build emotional resilience. The best part? You don’t need to be a brain scientist to do it. Just ask questions about the story you’re reading and you’re well on your way.

Questions you can ask after or during a bedtime story…
Who was your favourite character?
Which part did you like best?
Were there any parts you didn’t like?
Would you change the ending if you could?

The key is to listen and then respond with your own opinion. Make it clear that you don’t have to agree. This encourages the kind of back and forth conversation that is really beneficial for cognitive development.

Learn a new language at bedtime

Our bedtime stories come with an added bonus. You learn a new language while you read! Each book phases in new words and phrases, making language learning effortless. When you combine the benefits of language learning and reading, you end up with one unstoppable kid.

Each StoryBox contains a book to read at bedtime (or any other time, if you’d prefer) and an activity book. Our writers have a keen eye for the magical, hilarious, and intriguing, so you know every book will be a hit. The activities are linked to the book – the perfect way to refresh their memory the next day! Practising little and often this way is the key to language learning.



Make sure our StoryBox is right for you

We’ll let our stories speak for themselves. Download our free book, The Prince’s Underpants, here. You’ll get the activity book too. Read about the Prince’s hilarious adventure through the town in his pants (gasp) before working on fun activities to help your child remember the new vocabulary they learned. We’re sure you’ll love the experience of learning a new language together.


Never be short a bedtime story again. Sign up for a monthly StoryBox.

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