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Why Your Kids Should Listen to Foreign Audiobooks to Learn a Language

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Language Learning Tips, One Third Language | 0 comments

It can be pretty hard to keep kids interested in learning languages, no matter whether they’re 2 or 12! At the end of the day it’s still education, and that doesn’t always go down too well with youngsters. Luckily, there are a ton of ways to keep your little one engaged, and it will come as no surprise that our One Third Stories books are the way to go!

But today we’re not talking about books in the traditional sense; we’re talking about audiobooks. 

We think foreign audiobooks are a great addition to your child’s language learning journey, and we’ve got a fair few reasons why.

Base Books on Skill Level 

This goes for books in general, but it’s great that you can base the audiobooks your child is listening to on their level of skill in their second language. If your little one’s just a beginner, there are plenty of kids’ books that use more basic vocabulary and have slower pronunciation, including those over at The Fable Cottage (French audiobooks) and Hola Viajeros (Spanish audiobooks). Or, if your child is a more fluent bilingual, you can get a bunch of stories and novels that are listened to by native French speakers too, such as those over on Amazon Audible 

This is great for keeping your child progressing, too! As they start to learn more, you can pick books that are slightly more advanced, keeping them constantly challenged.  

Practice Listening and Speaking at the Same Time 

Another reason why foreign audiobooks are so great for foreign language learning is the fact that they help with both listening and speaking. Whilst they’re listening to the audiobooks, your child will become better at differentiating between little differences in speech and become more attuned to converting what they hear in their second language to what they know in their first. 

They’ll also become better at speaking – which may come as a surprise to some! Passed learning new vocabulary, they’ll also start to have a better grasp on pronunciation and fluency, which is going to bring their speaking skills on leaps and bounds.

Independent Learning 

Kids love the thought of independence, and audiobooks are a great way to give them that whilst they’re learning languages. Instead of always working alongside you, they can go off and listen to their books whenever they want, which will make them pretty excited! Make sure to emphasise this when telling them about the audiobooks and, for younger ones, make it clear that this is how older boys and girls learn – they’ll love feeling a bit more mature.

Listen on the Go 

One of the best things about audiobooks? You can listen on the go! This makes it a great way to make use of excess time when your kids could be learning, such as when driving in the car or whilst your kids are sitting with you as you cook dinner. Pop on an audiobook and suddenly that time is made useful! Of course, sometimes that time can be used to catch up with what your youngsters have done at school or what news they’ve got, so by no means do you have to be listening all the time – just pick and choose when’s right.

Books with English Transcriptions  

If your child is just starting out on their language learning journey, you can find plenty of books with English transcriptions too. This means they can read the words whilst listening, making it easier for them to understand and helping them to relate the English words to the other languages. It’s a great way to quickly improve their skills!

One Third Stories Audiobooks (and Books!) 

At One Third Stories, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of stories, especially when it comes to learning a foreign language. Even for monolingual parents, they’re a great tool to teach bilingual kids! That’s exactly why we created our own. 

We have both traditional, illustrated story books for kids in Spanish and French, as well as audiobook versions. When you start using our subscription boxes to teach your little one a language, you’ll receive your digital download first, before the actual book arrives in the post, along with fun activities to go alongside it!  

By doing this, we cover every aspect of language learning, and make it super simple for you to teach your kids and for them to learn. It’s easy!

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