Say auf wiedersehen to language-learning boredom with our selection of the best free German resources for kids! We’ve scoured the web to find ten fabulous sources of games, songs, worksheets and more, all perfect for keeping kids immersed in German – without a school textbook in sight.

#1 One Third Stories

Oh hallo! We’re offering a free digital storybook, audiobook and activity pack to give users a taste of our full, physical German Story Box subscription. The digital Story Box centres around a beautifully illustrated bilingual ebook that begins in English before slowly introducing German words and phrases – meaning that before you know it, you and your child are reading together in German! Sign up for a free digital Story Box and get a taste of what One Third Stories has to offer!

#2 Duolingo

German is just one of 38 languages you can learn on massively popular app Duolingo. Although not directly aimed at younger learners, kids can’t get enough of Duolingo’s lovable owl animation and gamified learning model. The app keeps track of kids’ progress as they encounter new language, and makes sure to give repeated exposure to the grammar and vocabulary they’re struggling with most, making Duolingo an impressively effective tool.

#3 Pinterest

Pinterest is the go-to site for all things free and printable – great German worksheets, posters and flashcards are all there in abundance if you can spare a bit of time to look for them. Though it’s fair to say that quality levels on Pinterest vary widely, there’s such a quantity at a range of levels that it’s definitely worth the search. Or if you want a selection of printables that you really can’t go wrong with, click here for access to our digital Story Box!

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#4 BBC Bitesize German

You can’t go wrong with BBC Bitesize – the Beeb’s online treasure trove of free educational resources spans all subjects and age levels, and its interface is simple enough for kids to use entirely independently. Its German department is packed with lessons, games and videos that teach kids everything from how to count to ten, to how to throw a German birthday party! Sehr gut, BBC!

#5 Conjuguemos

More advanced learners who are ready to get serious about German should definitely check out Conjuguemos. As well as offering a variety of online games to drill kids’ listening, reading and vocabulary, Conjuguemos excels especially at teaching grammar. For parents, furthermore, Conjuguemos offers clear and useful explanations of the kinds of errors your child is likely to make, so you can help them when things get tricky.

#6 The German Project

We’re all about learning through storytelling here at One Third Stories, which is why The German Project is a website after our own hearts! Featuring several classic children’s stories translated into German, the German Project promises to teach and enchant in equal measure. Tales include Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood) and the delightfully titled Henry Hünchen (Chicken Little)!

#7 Spotify

Spotify is more than just a place to hear your favourite chart-toppers – it’s also an incredibly useful resource for developing kids’ German listening skills! Boasting over 70 million songs available to stream instantly, Spotify’s database of German-language music is pretty sizable too. Simply search for “German kids songs” and you’ll see that there are heaps of pre-made playlists to explore. First stop? 99 Luftballons.

#8 Mama Lisa

Sticking with the musical theme, Mama Lisa is a website that features a huge selection of German’s songs with accompanying videos, lyrics, games and more. All resources are listed alphabetically, and given that the letter A features more than 20 songs alone you can be sure to find plenty for your child to enjoy.

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#9 Amira

Amira is a beautifully designed reading programme, funded by the German Commission for Culture and Media. Developed for native-speaking schoolchildren in Germany, Amira features interactive storybooks, games and audiobooks that are perfect for second language learners too. And with three difficulty levels to progress through, the site is meaty enough to keep kids engaged for years to come.

#10 Duden

For all things vocabulary you can’t go wrong with Duden. The German equivalent to the Oxford English Dictionary, Duden has a free, downloadable app for word reference on the go, plus an online text checker to make sure your child’s writing is up to scratch. There’s also a section of the site dedicated to commonly misspelled words and typical learner mistakes – and because it’s from The Actual Dictionary People, you know it’s advice you can trust.

Pretty fantastisch, we’re sure you’ll agree! Now that you’re equipped with such a great range of free German resources, you have almost everything you need to put your child’s learning into overdrive. But first? There’s no better way to get your child started than with a subscription to One Third Stories’ German Story Boxes. Check them out below!

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