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What makes our kits so great for homeschoolers?

  1. Original stories with beautiful illustrations will engage and delight your children!
  2. Audiobook links mean you don’t need to speak the language to introduce it to your child. Plus, audiobooks support pre-readers, reinforce vocabulary, and build comprehension skills!
  3. Activity books make practice fun! While children color, draw, create silly sentences, and connect the dots, they won’t even realize they’re reviewing vocabulary!
  4. Flashcards allow for independent or guided practice.
  5. Bonus games and activities reinforce the new language while promoting dexterity, social skills, and creativity!
  6. Access to blog content for extension activities and insight into research on language learning!

Ready to bring language learning into your homeschool curriculum?

  • If you are an AZ, NH, or UT homeschooler and you use the ClassWallet system, fill out this form to indicate your product selection. You will receive an email with an invoice and instructions on how to upload the invoice to the ClassWallet system.
  • If you are a homeschooler in CA and work with a charter school, fill out this form to indicate your product selection. It will generate a pdf for you to send to your purchasing department.
  • Reach out to your school to ensure that One Third Stories is on the approved vendor list OR
  • Have your local homeschool group reach out to us! We may be able to partner with your organization in other ways! Contact us at [email protected]
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