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How the Dinosaur got his Shoes

Stegosauruses wear ballet shoes, triceratops wear disco boots, and brachiosauruses wear high heels. Only Terrance Rex is stuck with sore feet, stubbed toes, and no shoes at all. Until he decides enough is enough and sets off on an adventure…

Target words and phrases: numbers, colors, greetings

Little Monster

When Mary and Percy’s parents go out for the evening, they’re left with the simple job of giving Baby her supper. But when Baby decides she doesn’t like baby mash, that job goes from easy, to hard, to absolutely monstrous…

Target words and phrases: numbers, colors, food, likes and dislikes

Wilma the Whale

Wilma the whale has never quite fit in with her family of sardines. She’s always knocking things over or getting in the way… But being different isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, sometimes being different can save the day.

Target words and phrases: food, mealtimes, family members, I have/I don’t have

The Zoo Keeper’s Cat

Nico often wonders what it would be like to be a different animal. But will life with the trunk of an elephant, the neck of a giraffe, and the legs of a flamingo be as good as Nico imagines?

Target words and phrases: animals and adjectives


With the first day of school just around the corner, Elliot needs to quickly get his school uniform in order. But an out-of-this-world character like Elliot will need to find some extraordinary clothes to fit in with his friends.

Target words and phrases: parts of the body, items of clothing, colors, numbers

Sleuth Sloth

Detective Two-Toes O’Malley of Biotope City has never solved a case. But when some of the city’s residents discover their favorite food has been stolen by a strange creature, Two-toes must step up and try to solve his first crime.

Target words and phrases: items of clothing, animals, parts of the body, adjectives


After hearing her friends talking about all the fun they have in autumn, winter and spring, Tilly the tortoise is determined to skip hibernation and try to stay awake for the entire year so she can see the seasons.

Target words and phrases: asking questions about and describing the weather, the seasons

Mr Logan’s Grand Tour

Mr Logan, a Victorian inventor, has built a time machine. He wants to show it at the 1851 Great Exhibition, but the organizers won’t display it unless he can prove it works. Mr Logan travels to the year 2018 and meets a boy called Billy, who takes him around town in search of an object he could take back to prove he’s a success.

Target words and phrases: places around town, household objects, asking for directions

Ada Bell the Curious Explorer

Ada Bell’s favorite book is about the dodo, a bird that has not been seen for hundreds of years. But Ada is a curious explorer and doesn’t let this stop her from hopping into her hot-air balloon and going on her greatest adventure: to find the dodo herself!

Target words and phrases: modes of transport, places around town, animals

Dragon in Grandad’s Shed

What would you do if you found a dragon in your granddad’s shed? When it happens to  Zoe, her holiday suddenly gets a lot more exciting. But how is she going to  help the dragon  fly away  before Grandad realizes what’s going on?

Target words and phrases: hobbies

Grandpa’s Lost in Space

Gran and Ali are always losing Grandpa and this time he’s wandered off into space. Join them on their search as they streak across the solar system in a flying fridge.

Target words and phrases: planets, comparatives and superlatives

Inigo Idaho

Inigo Idaho is the world’s greatest insect inspector and critter collector. He has admired ants, gazed at grasshoppers, examined earwigs, and been bug-eyed at butterflies. But this is the story of his greatest challenge yet- the search for his spider.

Target words and phrases: insects, comparatives and superlatives, hobbies

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